Ensure your flooring future with hardwood flooring

Many homeowners know hardwood flooring for its lifespan of 100 years or more. Others know it for its rustic, timeless visual appeal. But the important thing is pulling all the best parts of this flooring out for personal use.

It's easy to customize these floors by choosing what is necessary. Upgrade durability with options that help the floors last longer, even over time. It's easy to find a perfect fit as you learn more about what the products can do for you.

Timeless durability for lifespan

The more durable the floor covering, the longer it will last. And finding durable wood floors starts with the correct species. Some combat wear with a harder profile, which stands up under heavier traffic.

Add more durability through the product choice process. Add a sealant and finish that works toward goals for more performance. Even installation layouts can change the stability of these materials, giving you more.

Timeless visuals for the perfect decor

There is no lack of visual appeal in this material line, with plenty of options. It starts with species selection, which caters to natural color and graining. Then, hardwood flooring stain color and finish come next for decor matching.

Other choices can affect visuals, including board width and layout. Herringbone and chevron installations can add luxurious visual appeal and added floor stability. There are plenty of trends making it easier to choose the perfect look.

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Understanding the installation process

Before hardwood flooring installation, we'll take measurements and give you a quote on the price and time. Then, we'll cover the entire procedure from start to finish, so you know what to expect. And we'll share any tips for what you can do before the services start.

Whether you choose solid or engineered wood flooring, the installation starts the same. But, first, the flooring needs to go through acclimation to equalize humidity levels. This process usually takes from one to three days in most situations.

We offer outstanding hardwood flooring and more

At Romano Floors, we cater to your need for the best flooring with a vast inventory of materials. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, no matter what options you choose. And we'll put all our experience towards the best results for every client.

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